"I have been able to communicate the message of the brand with the strong imagery that Sandra created and it has strengthened our brand's voice in every way. I initially felt apprehensive about doing a shoot overseas, but I am so happy with the work that's been done. I have even done four shoots with Sandra and her team and the consistency of their work really shines through. They are prepared and thoughtful, but also able to improvise and use their flexibility to their advantage and despite being overseas, I felt I could comfortably let go. The images helped me launch my website and have given my audience a better understanding of the brand. I can't recommend Sandra enough!"

kind words from LOIs, FOUNDER:

PHOTO SHOOT PRODUCTION  creative direction
product STYLING

We designed a visual story showcasing SOL's collection of loungewear and created lifestyle product imagery for their social media and website, incorporating beautiful home spaces as the backdrop. 

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