You want a stylish wedding that is reflective of you and your story - a creative guide to bring all the details together for you in a cohesive way - someone to design a well considered experience for you and your guests. You want every single element in your wedding to set the scene to your story. You want an authentic storyteller. That's me and this is what I do.


You have done all the organising and everything is set and ready to go but maybe you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the execution. Not wanting to burden loved ones on the big day, this package is perfect for busy couples wanting an expert to come in and bring their vision to life so they can focus on enjoying the celebrations.


Not everyone needs professional help at every turn when planning their wedding and that's great! But you may occasionally need advice and expertise or even a nudge in the right direction so this fixed price, à la carte consultation sessions are available when you need it.