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The roadmap to creating visuals that convert.

It’s time to up-level your brand and stop looking like everyone else.


“OMG, I LOVE following this brand—ignore their Instagram feed … okay, and their website photos … oh, and those headshots are kinda not great … but besides all that, I think they’re PERFECT for you!”

^^^ Said *probably* no successful word-of-mouth referral ever. ^^^



Let's be honest: it's a visually-driven world, guys.

And you can have the best product, be the most kick-ass service provider, have bomb website copy, 

AND the most heart-felt captions ...

… but if your image isn't making them stop their scroll and stay put—they'll never even see you.

90% of information is communicated VISUALLY.

And in 2019 (and beyond!), your image-driven buyers are creeping on your photos—there’s no doubt.

But listen, no amount of stock photo subscription, hodge-podge collection from 13 different shoots, or all-over-the-place portfolio is gonna sugarcoat the truth: feeling insecure about your brand’s aesthetic kinda sucks.

But you know what’s worse?

Clicking around on Instagram and spying some industry newbie (k fine, competitor) absolutely SLAYING it with her brand’s thoughtful, cohesive colour palette and suite of droolworthy images. Maybe you have the experience … but yup, she’s got the styled, scroll-stopping look—there’s no denying it.

And you want so BADLY to tick up your price point just a bit … but it feels a little wrong—

Because clients/customers always want to get an insight about what they're investing in. And right now? Your visual direction is a little … well, let’s just say it went on that European inspo trip and got lost between the lavender fields and Barcelona coast.


You were told that magical brand shoot would fix everything.

But you never really learned how to call the shots on the overall visual strategy of
your brand.


And now you’re itching to increase your prices (you’re DEFINITELY worth it), but one glance at your visual brand and you know your discerning dream won’t exactly stop dead in her tracks. 

Plus, let’s face it: you’ve already run through the images from your last brand shoot (y’know, the magical one). And you shouldn't feel like you have to replace images from your brand every year. Or schedule a new shoot every 6 months because you're out of images.

So here you are, picking an image to share on Insta like photo gallery roulette—

Spin, scroll, click, sigh. I guess that’ll do. *post*

(I mean, how else do you decide between 27 photos of ONE SINGLE FRIGGIN' BOUQUET?)


How do you break from the never-ending photo shoot hangover—constantly feeling like you missed a shot or could’ve done something better, you ask? 

By becoming your brand’s own creative director, that’s how.

(A totally learnable skill)


Hey there! I’m Sandra Chau, founder of The Visual Branding Strategy and creative director. I create high-level imagery for businesses so they can tell their brand story in a strategic way that leads to huge profits.And shhh—here’s a secret: Styling isn't one of those things you just have—or don't. 

Back in my days as a lawyer, I used to think styling couldn't be taught.

I was a far-cry from what you're seeing now. No matter how much I spent on props or used those "golden light" hours, things looked ... awkward. My wedding blog (started for fun) was so-so and [add info here].

So I studied. I studied some more. I learned patterns. I practiced constantly.

And I figured it out.

I learned to style.

And if …

... you're starting to add brand shoots to your list of services.

… or you’re shelling out big bucks for a brand shoot—but don’t know how to get the "look" you want out of your head, and into to the photographer's head

… or if you just don’t think it’s practical to hire a stylist every time you need images for your feed (spoiler: it isn’t)

Then stick around, friend. Because that’s exactly what I’m here for.


Now before we dig into strategy, there’s something you need to understand.


Your audience doesn't just want to see the final product.

They want the process.

They want to see your hands dirty.

They want to see behind-the-scenes.

They want you.

And nailing your brand images is how you show them that.

Would YOU keep buying from (or even following!) a brand if they kept posting the same images over and over again?

Probably not. 

Which is why you’ve GOT to spend time learning how the job’s done.

I know—styling your own work may give you heart palpitations. Even if you're thinking "I'm NO creative director, Sandra,” I'll show you how you CAN do this. You CAN translate your story and vision into a shoot for yourself or your clients

(Oh, and if you do it well, In a few years time, you'll still be able to use images you take. Yup, I said it. I mean, can you imagine what that would be like, to have your visual brand strategy dialed in that well?)

Like I said, styling IS a learnable skill.

It just takes practice.


That's why I created an artful, uncomplicated method for creatives who are ready to nail a curated, consistent brand image that commands their (dream) price point. 

Introducing ...


The Visual Branding Strategy by Sandra Chau

The Visual Branding Strategy is an A-to-Z blueprint to learn the ropes of creating high-quality, unique and compelling imagery that drives profits—all in a 5 module, self-paced course, complete with styling video demonstrations, templates and worksheets.

This is my results-oriented system that's been to the test by dozens of brands worldwide, to help you nail that thoughtful, cohesive aesthetic blueprint for your business.

I’m handing over the step-by-step systems and strategies I used to help them get there… to you.


Let's be honest: it's not practical to hire a stylist every time you need images for your feed.


That's why inside The Visual Branding Strategy, you'll get the very path I take my clients on—the path that takes them from crickets to getting enquiries within weeks of putting their learnings into action AND then BOOKING their IDEAL clients within months.

And this is even before they’ve put their branding images out into the world!

It doesn't matter how beautiful your product is—

If your images aren’t good, you're doing a disservice to your hard-earned brand.

(And I’m not about that life.)

So let’s join hands and elevate your brand so you can charge what you’re WORTH with killer visuals.


Here’s what you get inside
The Visual Branding Strategy:


Chapter 1: Clarify Your Brand

This is where you'll anchor your brand's visuals to the core of your business, so REAL transformation can get started.

Like that You've Got Mail scene when Meg Ryan's character leaves a rose out to signal to her blind date, we want your brand to signal to your ideal clients to stop the scroll: they've found you. 


We'll walk through:

  • A complete, 360 overview of how to unlock your brand's voice and aesthetic, so you can get crystal clear on what you want to work on inside The Visual Branding Strategy.

  • I'll show you how to get out your inspirations, passions, upbringing and more on paper, to diagnose what your branding opportunities are.

  • We'll dig into how to uncover your ideal client, so you can make small, targeted decisions and create an action plan for luring them in.


Chapter 2: Styling 101

This is the core of The Visual Branding Strategy edge—because elevating your artistic eye is what not having to shell out for a stylist comes down to ... THIS is how you'll inevitably curate to-die-for imagery.

I'm handing over a paint-by-number plan to build a powerful image library, so you can execute the system every time you need to beef up that image library Dropbox folder you have.


We'll walk through:

  • The keys to visual composition, and why most creatives are stuck having heart palpitations thinking about styling (a MAJOR mind-block I'll teach you how to tackle)

  • How to build on your Chapter 1 insights and use a strong focal point. You'll learn how to communicate your offer, product, or service with photos (or hey, just your family's Saturday morning bread-making ritual you want to share with your followers)

  • How to make decisions with composition—whether your brand is FULL of colour, or if neutrals are more your thing, I'll give you tons of examples.

  • What you need inside your kick-ass styling kits—my 7 Secrets to the Perfect Kit ... including how to get the most bang for your buck as you curate your kit, so you can work that limited budget. Ceramics, flatware, glassware, linens, textiles, books—I'm spilling. 

  • Why you need negative space (and how to get it), and what that could look like for you and your brand's images

  • 7 Key Ingredients to a Beautiful Still Life–the "why doesn't it look like" question? It's super common. You'll discover how to nail composing your flat lays and beyond in this lesson.


Chapter 3: Becoming a Creative Director

Remember the last time you thought "if only I had an image to illustrate ____ in my business." What was it, like, last week?

Here's a secret: NO one will know all the photo needs in your business better than you.

99% of the time, YOU are the creative director of your brand.

That's why in this module, we're getting granular: you're in control of telling your story, and we'll talk about how you can make a statement for your brand—whether you're shooting your work or someone else’s.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 9.17.46 am.png

We'll walk through:

  • The Creative Director Job Description—sure, it's what I do every day, but unless you're hiring a creative director every time you work on the visual marketing for your business, this is YOUR job, my friend. You'll see what you need to expect to do in this role in your business.

  • We'll dive deeper into the process of designing a concept for a branding shoot, so you can show up as the storyteller and direct the kinds of images you'll be getting back post-shoot

  • How to build a mood board—from Pinterest (and yes, I'll tell you exactly the accounts I like to follow and pin), to handing over 2 recent client moodboards, you'll be able to nix those "what if they don't get the shot" jitters that come up before a shoot.

  • The 3 Steps of Getting a Creative Team Together—do NOT schedule another brand photo shoot before watching this lesson. You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and I'll give you my proven model to think through vendor collaborations. That "I should have thought to get a florist/stylist/table/bath for my dog" thought is the WORST, so let's just make sure it never happens again, ok?

  • My Collaboration Ask Email Template, yours for the taking. This is how I've built lasting relationships (and gotten more bang for my buck) with partners on a branding shoot, and I'm handing it over so you can add it to your arsenal.

  • How to create a day-of schedule, so you can clearly communicate hour-by-hour expectations for the day (and make sure the flowers don't clash with your lipstick, and that the flowers don't droop 3 hours into the day). Plus, I'll hand over My Day-Of-Shoot Runsheet Template for you to use.

  • You'll see 3 Steps for Success with Your Photographer, too. They're the professional, and we need to respect that. But like you've learned in Chapters 1-2, getting on the same page is crucial to getting the photos you wanted .. here's how to do it.


Chapter 4: Your Game-Changing Branding Shoot

Forget ever feeling like a photo shoot was a wasted investment.

This is the exact process I've taken clients through time after time. With this ultimate guide to a branding shoot, you'll think like a creative director.

The average student can create hundreds of brand images from ONE shoot. 

And that's exactly what you'll do after this module.


We'll walk through:

  • What is a branding shoot—because no, we're not going to make a stack of those random, out-of-context eye roll images Instagram influencer hashtags are made of. No matter what your niche in the creative industry, you'll get prepped for a high-quality, high-touch shoot that commands your prices.

  • What could a brand shoot look like for you or your clients? You'll see inside Dissecting a Brand Shoot, walking through case study from multiple clients of mine ... plus a shoot for my own brand! Amplify your message, show off your craft, and get ready to up your prices—you'll look the part after this walk-through.

  • Then, you'll learn how to set up a shoot reflecting work you want to do ... even when you haven't booked that type of work yet. If there's a service, product, or target audience you're dreaming about, you'll learn how to fake-it-til-you-make it in your visual imagery, so when you're ready to launch, you can illustrate it with visuals.

  • Not one, but TWO Sample Brand Shoot Shot Lists from real-life clients, so you prep to get the most value out of your shoot, adding a library of hundreds of images to your business—and measurable results to your bottom line.

  • With 5 Things to Consider on Shoot Day, you can predict your day (and any wrinkled linens) to cultivate a sense of control the day that may just elevate everything for your business.


Chapter 5: Nailing Your Ongoing Visual Brand Strategy

This is truly the difference between how a cream-of-the-crop creative entrepreneur and an amateur creative brand their business. 

If you struggle with inconsistency, constantly feeling like your marketing images are a hodge-podge telling an unconnected story and definitely not helping you move up a pricing bracket, then this one's for you. 

I've had photographers with a portfolio full of all-over-the-place work (and very few of themselves!) use this module to transform their visual strategy into an integrated feed that gets them booked out ...

... and I've also had women pull themselves out of the current client workload, propelling themselves into their dream job: suddenly booking the work they've been dying to get paid to do for years.


We'll walk through:

  • How to Select the Perfect Images, because so many entrepreneurs (despite their hard-wrought intentions) FAIL to share the images their target audience needs to see.

  • Behind-the-scenes as I select photos from a client gallery to use in marketing materials that keep dream inquiries coming in.

  • You'll learn how to set up your refreshed Instagram feed, building on the powerful images that you've created to transform your grid (even when you're stressed about how to work in new images).

  • How to defend yourself from undisciplined posting—you need to know when NOT to post sometimes, so that image you're dying to post shines in its proper place. I promise this makes a difference, and I'll show you how that works.


The core of the Visual Branding Strategy includes:

  • 15 worksheets and downloadable templates

  • 24 videos

  • Access to a private community, with feedback and Q&A sessions, chances for portfolio audits, and more with me AND where you can meet new friends and accountability partners!

  • 8 Weeks of group coaching with weekly office hours with me LIVE!


You’ll get immediate access to all of the content, including videos and styling demonstrations, workbooks, and templates you can download or print to have at your side. Work through all of the content and start learning all the strategies that’s allowed me to create hundreds of compelling and unique images at the pace that’s best for you.

Then, as you start putting your learnings to use, hop into the private Facebook group to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, connect with other creatives and make sure you’re putting out high quality imagery that is true to your brand… nothing like an extra pair of eyes, right? (And yes, mine will be there to help you!)

After a few weeks, you'll be set to create hundreds of gorgeous unique images that get you seen. 

It’s time to up-level your brand and stop looking like everyone else—which is exactly what you’ll do with my 5-step formula.




After completing TVBS, I created and released three branded images on my Instagram feed. Guess what? I ended up booking a large client from my imagery! That means just three images paid for my TVBS investment—twice!

“TVBS is hands down the best online course I have ever purchased. Before taking TVBS, I had been continually burned by creative courses that over-promised and under-delivered, courses that were filled with fluff content, and courses that raved about their private Facebook groups only to be greeted by tumbleweeds and crickets. I was lost creatively, but upon entering TVBS, I was immediately blown away by how content rich it was—the introduction alone had me feverishly taking notes! I quickly shewed my kids away, barricaded myself in my bedroom, and binge-watched TVBS in a weekend!

While other courses left me thinking, “Did I just get duped?”, Sandra’s course left me thinking, “Did I just win the lottery?!” I personally counted (nerd alert!), and there are 8 hours and 35 seconds of video content within TVBS! In movie math, Sandra made us a trilogy of visual branding and styling content! The knowledge I gained from TVBS has changed the way I approach my work. Bring Sandra alongside your business by investing in TVBS. You can’t afford not to!”

Renee, Ribbons of Red


“TVBS is phenomenal. I was able to use the material to elevate my portfolio in order to attract the type of clients that I really wanted to work with. Since upgrading my portfolio I have landed my highest paying client ever!”

“Shortly before TVBS I was looking to pivot in my business from wedding stationery to branding. I knew that I needed to upgrade my visuals to speak to an audience that needed branding services. I decided to enrol in TVBS because I was ready to shift my brand and also was interested in applying a creative director role to my design services. This course is phenomenal for anyone looking to polish their brand or understand how creative direction ties into branding. As a brand designer, I was able to use the material to elevate my portfolio in order to attract the type of clients that I really wanted to work with. Since taking the course, I have incorporated creative direction into my services which allows me to charge more. Additionally, since upgrading my portfolio I have landed my highest paying client! I have the confidence and courage to apply my skillset to brands that are looking for more than just a logo, but a story and true visual identity!”

Suzzanne Gamboa

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 10.08.52 pm.png

“Since completing TVBS and launching my website, I’ve seen a 50% increase in inquiries and have met my booking goals for the past two quarters, all the while taking off the summer to travel with my family!”

Before enrolling in TVBS I struggled relating the heart of my brand, my why to my brand imagery. There was a disconnect between my brand story and the images I was producing and I felt stuck. I craved a road map and actionable steps to produce the images that would attract my dream clients. 

Prior to TVBS I had been relying on stock photos to help tell the story of my brand, and while many of them worked as filler images, I needed something 100% unique to me. TVBS helped me create a game plan for my branding shoot that took inspiration from my creative why and applied it in a tangible way. The results blew me away and left me hungry for more!

I continue to refer to TVBS regularly and consider the principles as I shoot flat lays of my work or during the design and production phase of new products. I have a completely fresh perspective on styling. I now know what elements need to be present in order to create cohesive and consistent brand imagery. I am also able pull elements from my client’s stories and weave them into my custom designs and collaborations. There are so many ways to apply inspiration without being completely literal. This shift in perspective couldn’t have occurred without the content in TVBS and Sandra’s wise, calming presence!

Erin Kimbell, Lupine Letters




What's an elevated, more high-end brand worth to you, my beautiful friend?


Tell me, what would it mean if you could …

... shoot over a proposal, website link, or welcome mag and know that ideal client might as well be flipping through a glossy-matte Kinfolk magazine, because your photos are THAT good?

... ditch the Instagram Tetris game every time you're trying to figure out what to post next in your feed that doesn't totally clash—and instead, sucks them in FAR beyond a simple double-tap?

... add an extra digit or zero to your product or service price, confident that no one's batting an eye at it, because (go on, clink your Moet & Chandon) your work finally looks the part of the fees you'd like to charge?


Don't go through one more brand shoot without a blueprint.

You can forget about the photo session FOMO hangover feels ...

You know—the ones that strike right about the time your head hits the pillow and you think "SHOOT, I forget to get this shot ... or that shot ... and oh yeah, I could have staged this or that for my upcoming [workshop/Black Friday sale promo/giveaway/insert-marketing-need-here] ... "

Instead, knowing that you've got to-die-for photos on the way?

Timeless scroll-stoppers that you can use in 2020 ... 2021 ... 2022 ... ?

(Seriously—I make sure my clients can use our visual strategy & photos for years)

Ohhh, pal. You deserve this (and that silk camisole loungewear look you just pinned, but that's another story).

Because investing in the visual direction of brand? It costs. Whether it's those hours you're up clicking through some stock photo website at 11:40 p.m. …

... or a full-on brand shoot you've booked, 

It costs time, money, or both.

And that brand shoot you’re dreaming about?

  • A good photographer (if you aren't one): $1k+

  • Florals: $300-500+

  • Hair/makeup (or even just a Sephora run): $200+

  • Props/rentals: $100-1K+

Yikes. Getting set for a quality brand shoot that supplies you with hundreds of images can run you upwards of $5,000 when it's all said and done.

Ay yi yi, sticker shock.

Well, imagine spending all that—and then getting back photos that don't even FIT the narrative you had in mind.

(The WORST, right?)

If it hasn't happened yet, there's a super-high chance it will soon.


What if you learned how to call the shots with a creative director's honed eye?


You'd have Dropbox gallery after Dropbox gallery of curated images you could use for years to come—and an elevated brand that let you up that price point ... and keep doing what you love.

And that's priceless.


Now, I typically charge $5,000+ to work 1-on-1 with brands like Plann, Oliv Swim, and Silk and Bramble to craft imagery that tells their story. But I know it's not practical to hire a "me" every time you need images.

That's why I've made The Visual Branding Strategy ready for you to grab instantly for less than the price of that iPhone that's on your desk.

Say "yes" to The Visual Branding Strategy, and let's pack your future with a lifetime of dreamy image libraries.


Need support or help?
Drop me a line at

Doors to The Visual Branding Strategy will not open again in 2019.


You're protected with my 100% risk-free Visual Branding Strategy Vow: 

I get it—what if you get into Chapter 1 and I start sounding like that high school fine arts teacher that gave you flashcard anxiety before your test on the principles of art?

Well, THAT isn't gonna happen (no index card stacks here, I promise), but I know it's scary to invest in a course you can't try before you buy. That's why I'm making sure you know I'm backing this with my 30-day Visual Branding Strategy Vow. 

If you hop in The Visual Branding Strategy and after working through Chapter 1, this program doesn't help you clarify in which direction you want to take your brand's aesthetic, I'll refund your investment, no questions asked. Click here to learn more.

You've got nothing to lose.

(Just get ready to ditch some Dropbox weight with all those old images that aren't serving your brand)

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 11.54.39 am.png

“I have doubled my bookings and even doubled my prices since my branding shoot with Sandra and my calendar is booked out for the rest of 2019!! I feel confident that I can command those high prices because I am worth every penny I charge.”

When I first started my business, I didn’t have a huge portfolio and I knew people wouldn’t take me seriously unless I had good images that really told the story of my brand. Sandra was able to use her personal brand of magic by taking my raw ideas and creating imagery that showed my audience that I was legit and that my business was legit. I’ve already made back my 4 figure investment in my images (and then some!).

Michelle Browne, Mishku Studio


“The images from my launch that I created after TVBS generated over $1000 in sales in the first week and continue to sell!”

I signed up for TVBS prior to the launch of Jureve, a fine jewellery brand and all of Sandra’s teachings on designing shoots, concepting moodboards and the practical aspects of working with a photographer and not focusing on the final product but rather elements of the shoot, were priceless!

TVBS is one of the best decisions I could have made for the business! It not only really helped to elevate the brand but the TVBS community that Sandra built has been invaluable. I have meet so many other like-minded creatives who we have not only partnered up with on collaborations but also continue to support and cheer each other on. All of this would not have been possible without Sandra and TVBS. I cannot recommend Sandra and TVBS enough!

Cindy Zhang, Jureve


“I can finally charge what I’m worth instead of always under cutting myself to book clients! I have now increased my prices by 10% and I don’t feel bad about it!”

My life has totally changed now that I have these amazing brand images seen through Sandra’s eyes. I used to feel bad about charging for my work and seriously thought no-one would want to pay the kind of prices that I wanted to charge because I had nothing to show for it. But working with Sandra has been a total game changer. I feel like I became professional overnight! Not only have I gone up a level and elevated my brand.

Silbia Ro


“In just 3 months, I’ve booked 3 wedding clients with my IDEAL clients and I finally feel legit!”

TVBS is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made since starting my business. In just 3 months of implementing Sandra’s blueprint, I created my first shoot and NAILED IT - it’s being featured on one of my favourite fine art wedding blogs! Now whenever I’m thinking about creating images, I refer back to the visual strategy principles I learnt from Sandra and always pull out her templates - INVALUABLE! Everything that I’ve learnt from Sandra has now become second nature and it’s amazing!

Ha Tran, Idyll Studio

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12.29.29 pm.png

PLUS, when you enroll, you'll fast-track your brand's image with these exclusive bonuses.


Because I want you to feel completely supported during your time in The Visual Branding Strategy. On top of my 5-part formula, I'm giving you these on the house.


BONUS #1:The Over-My-Shoulder Styling Accelerator

Supercharge your styling with 2 behind-the-scenes peek of branding shoot case study:

First, I'm taking you on an inspiration wall shoot I did for a calligrapher, so from background selection to how I chose props that went with her colour palate, you'll see it all.

Then, I'll take you through how to style a corner of your office—bring out your tools, because you'll be showing it off after this video.

Designed to show you how I picked the hero for the image, know what to think about for surfaces, hear ideas of how to add texture, and learn what I do on a REAL shoot to play around with composition and mood, and more—you'll see me on the go in these videos.

You'll even hear how you can take your followers along with "day in the life" videos of your creative process.

Plus, I'm spilling secrets on what I think about during a shoot to maximise the use—we need these to work for Instagram, online magazines, and more, so I'll tell you what you need to think about.

It's possible to get DOZENS of images in a single set up, and you'll be able to see how that works in these videos.

Value: $197


BONUS #2: The Expert Interview Collection

Hear from some of the women that have impacted my business along the way, becoming great partners, friends, and like-minded virtual wine dates.

I've carefully curated a list of interviews for you, including:

  • A how-to on starting a Pinterest strategy that fills your boards with images that drive traffic to your website with an interview with The Halcyon Hive, now that your images are culled and curated.

  • A deep-dive into the art and science of crafting copy that converts (ahem, the WORDS that couple alongside those new beautiful images) with launch/messaging strategist and copywriter Ashlyn Carter.

  • A simple launch strategy (i.e. no webinar tech involved) to let your audience know what's going on when you're ready to launch a workshop, a new collection, or a flash sale with business strategist and coach Emma Natter.

  • A crash course in how to create a strong brand with Mishku Studio.

  • A strategy sesh with photography, coach, and marketing ninja D'Arcy Benincosa, so you can quit playing it safe and get a dose of marketing insight from someone who knows your industry.

  • A talk with Katie O. Selvidge, the woman behind Cottage Hill magazine, as she takes us through Authenticity on Instagram and her refined outlook on the platform.

I had a BLAST recording these, and can't wait to ship them out to you!

Value: $2500


Because you deserve to quit the guessing game of brand visuals…

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 12.34.03 pm.png

“Sandra Chau is the epitome of elegance and innovation. Her impeccable styling and work ethic make her a leader in the industry and her brilliance shines through in each and every thoughtful touch she adds to every project she works on.”

Sandra’s brilliance shines through in each and every thoughtful touch she adds to every project she works on. As a creative director she has honed her skills of colour choice and usage, mood creation, and tonality. But, her biggest gift is her ability to dive into her clients vision and dreams and bring them each to life. Truly, a talent. I adore everything she does!

D’Arcy Benincosa


“Sandra has an eye like no other and bring us creative direction that is thoughtfully aligned with each brand, consideration of the individual behind the business.”

Sandra has an eye like no other, rivalled only by her organisational skills and passion for all that she does. Working closely with her through the years, I have seen her continue to invest in her own skills, and refine her offering to become what it is today - creative direction that is thoughtfully aligned with each brand, consideration of the individual behind the business, and an easy going nature that will make you feel at ease from the get go. Trust me you are in good hands!”

Tealily Photography


“I have booked five times more clients and I still have so many more bookings in the pipeline - all of which are with my ideal clients!”

With Sandra, I was able to create the most beautiful images that represented my brand completely and they have allowed me to raise my prices by 30%. I now feel so confident in myself and business and never question whether my work is good enough anymore. I know that booking me is worth it for my clients and that is absolutely priceless.

Sheri McMahon Photography


FAQ You May Have


Do I have to be a beginner to take this course?

Absolutely not! Even if you know how to create beautiful images already The Visual Branding Strategy will help you. Having a few beautiful images will not make you instantly insta famous and bring you sales and bookings with a snap of a finger. It takes a lot of time, practice and work. Just like every tv show has a crew that you don’t see on screen, a successful brand requires a lot of unseen work. There’s a lot of work, strategy and planning that goes on behind the scenes. When I first started styling in 2013, it wasn’t that my images weren’t beautiful, they were! But they were like anyone else’s and just didn’t connect with people in a way that helped me book the right clients. But once I started to look at my styled scenes differently and once I nailed down the key to creating unique images and learnt to strategise how to use those images, I increased my revenue ten times. So trust me, I get it.

If you come already with a beautiful portfolio and beautiful shoots under your belt, you're going to find that The Visual Branding Strategy gives you the structure, strategy, and tools to consistently showcase your brand and work in new and exciting ways. You've got a head start so learn how to take advantage of it and take your brand to the next level!

What if I suck at photography?

I totally get it, because I suck at photography! And I can’t take a good photo to save my life BUT it doesn’t matter because I will teach you how you can get those awesome images without being a pro-photographer. I'll give you my proven model on how to work with creative vendors such as photographers so that you can get the photos you want. With my blueprint, you will learn how to get the "look" you want out of your head, and into to the photographer's head. Plus I’ll show you how you can create dozens of show-stopping images using just the camera on your phone so it won’t matter even if you don’t have a big photo shoot lined up with all the pros. 

I'm a photographer. Will this help me shoot better for my clients?

YES! I've had photographers use the blueprint from The Visual Branding Strategy to transform their visual strategy into an integrated feed that gets them booked out. The great thing about the blueprint for photographers is that you can apply it to your own creative process to craft more intentional content for your brand and your clients, even before picking up your Camera! Just ask Sara Weir, who said that “Applying Sandra’s process to my own has given me new insights that directly affect the content I create for my brand and clients! The Visual Branding Strategy’s process of intentionally crafting images to communicate value and aesthetic even helped me create images to pivot into a new industry!

What if I'm TERRIBLE at the visual stuff?

Here’s a secret: Styling isn't one of those things you just have—or don't.  Back in my days as a lawyer, I used to think styling couldn't be taught. I was a far-cry from what you're seeing now. No matter how much I spent on props or used those "golden light" hours, things looked ... awkward. So I studied. I studied some more. I learned patterns. I practiced constantly. And I figured it out. I learned to style. I learned to make my stuff look good… like really good. And if this middle aged ex-lawyer can do it, so can you and I’m going to be here with you every step of the way and teach you exactly how. 

I only have a small following at the moment. Should I wait until I have more followers before I take the course - because who would see them anyway?

I totally get it, believe me. I used to think this too. But then I realised the key to getting noticed is first to have captivating brand images that make people stop and it worked! Once I started putting out unique and elevated images out there, people started stopping, people started following. They saw me, they saw my brand and then they knew they wanted me and booked me. It’s that simple.

There are so many people doing the same thing as me already, will beautiful images change anything?

Honestly, I used to think this too! But the thing is every brand has a unique story to tell, a unique process to showcase and if you can tap into this, your business will completely change. Not only will you be able to create images that are unique to your story, you will be able to do the same for yourself and help you stand out from the crowd.

How long do I have access to the course? Does it expire?

You have lifetime access to the course! No expiration date.

Are you going to tell me to go spend a ton of money on props?

Definitely not! While I do believe that it is important to have a few staple props in your styling kit to elevate your styling and images, what I teach you is how to curate a styling kit that SERVES YOU, not the person you’ve secretly been stalking on Instagram. I honestly believe that you can create beautiful images without all  the ‘stuff’ and in The Visual Branding Strategy I give you a process strategised and a brand new way of visual storytelling for YOUR brand. So, if you do need a small prop update to create images for your brand aesthetic, I’ll teach you how you can make good quality and smart prop investments that give you bang for your buck. But if your brand doesn’t need that, I’ll teach you how you can use what you have to create show-stopping images. It’s about YOUR brand and no-one else’s because there’s no one size fits all.

How long will it take me to transform the aesthetic of my business?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you - building a beautiful, intentional and authentic brand takes time and is not an overnight thing. Don't expect to binge listen and have clients and customers rolling in in a week. It takes time to dig deep, implement, create, strategise and you will see amazing things happen AND it can happen in as little as a 2-3  months if you dedicate the time. In a short 3 months of following The Visual Branding Strategy blueprint, Idyll Studio went from 80 followers to 500 genuine Instagram followers and booked THREE wedding clients, all of which were her ideal clients. 

Will this work for me?

With dozens of alum inside, the chances are high-ish that someone with a business SIMILAR to yours is inside—catch the testimonials to see what you can expect for your business.

Here are three types of business owners we’ve had join TVBS:

  • Dreamers who haven’t left their full-time corporate job (or stay at home moms), who want to start things out on the right foot in a safe space.

  • Experienced creatives who are feeling a bit burned out not hitting sales goals, or like they’re is missing something that could make their business stronger.

  • Creative small business owners who have been trucking along for a while—but have suddenly realized times have changed, and it’s time to step up & differentiate yourself from the masses.

From floral designers to stationers, retail shop owners, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, craft fair makers, to virtual assistants — The Visual Branding Strategy will teach you the essentials to nail that thoughtful, cohesive aesthetic blueprint for your business.

I've bought other styling courses before, how is this one different?

The Visual Branding Strategy is not a styling course. It gives you a process that is strategised and a brand new way of visual storytelling that will be game changing for your business. This isn’t just a course full of styling tips you could find online. This isn’t just a course that teaches you how to make things look pretty. Its focus is to change the way you view styling and creating beautiful imagery AND get you tangible results. I’m handing over my visual strategy blueprint. Once I figured out how to create a unique, elevated and sought after portfolio of images that stopped people in their tracks, I have booked ten times more clients, all of which are my ideal clients, the RIGHT clients. I have more than doubled my prices and consistently booked clients who pay me 4 figures to style and create their brand imagery. This could be you too.

I'm so interested, but I can't dig into this for a while (hey-o, busy holiday season!). If I hop in now, can I wait 'til I have more time to take it? Or can I buy later?

The great thing about this course is that you can do it at your own pace. But I want to be clear that creating high quality brand imagery is not an overnight thing. Building a beautiful, intentional and authentic brand takes time. Don't expect to binge listen and have clients and customers rolling in in a week. It takes time to dig deep, implement, create, strategise and see amazing things happen. But it's so worth it and I know you have what it takes!

What if I have another question not listed here?

You can also write me at and I’ll happily answer your questions!


Alright, creative friend.


It all comes down to this fork in the
yellow-brick road. 


You COULD keep up what you're already doing: 

  • Navigating the jigsaw puzzle of Instagram feed, feeling semi-insecure when a potential client/partner/customer with a better aesthetic hits the follow button (they're silently judging—you KNOW it)

  • Inch up your prices, hearing crickets—because your visual portfolio is circa two-thousand-and-uninspired

  • Regret pitching that dream job or publication submission, feeling like you'd just send them back to a sub-par website

  • Putting your brand at risk, as more and more creatives figure out the marketing visual dance and master a portfolio feed that makes your palms sweat

(I mean, you're definitely doing all that anyway … right?)


It could be simple. 

Since this is a 100% fixable situation, you COULD just enrol inside The Visual Branding Strategy, and …

  • Translate your story and vision into a shoot for yourself or your clients.

  • Cut through the internet noise with arresting photos that cause them to double tap ... then click to your website ... and then hit add to cart. Cha-ching!

  • Stretch your creativity by honing an artistic editor's eye, being able to work with any image that comes across your desk, instantly knowing how you'll share it with your audience or in your portfolio (or, knowing that it's not a fit, thank-you-very-much)

  • Bypass the $100 in enthusiastic Target purchases you stress-bought for some DIY flatlay styling in the office, because your style kit is primed and ready to go.

  • Treat yourself to a that artful French press you were eyeing, because you booked a client at your highest price point ... EVER. 

So, what'll it be?

The choice is yours. 


Like I said, styling isn't a skill you're "born with."

It's a 100% teachable skill that every creative needs honed in this hyper-competitive market.


And one you can get ... 

...starting right now.

I know what it feels like to hit “publish” on images that command the price point that makes your heart skip a confident, happy beat. 

And I also know you CAN do it. 

(And that you don’t need to pay a 1-on-1 stylist to achieve it.)

You can absolutely learn this skill, and direct the visual strategy of your brand.

You don't have to save that website refresh or dream photo shoot for “someday” anymore.

(Here's a chiffon hand-dyed handkerchief from my styling kit to wipe the sweat from your brow.)

It's time to allow your brand to take centre stage.

See you inside!