The katakuchi is a spouted serving bowl traditionally used for serving sake in Japan but for the discerning creative, it could have so many beautiful styling purposes.

With just a hint of a spout, this unique and assertively earthen bowl, sourced from several hours outside of Tokyo has a beautiful sandy texture (one that will have you grazing your fingers over) with a brown matte finish. This beautiful piece is perfect for containing sauces and dips and styling paper suites and other details. With the right flower frog, it can even be used for a small but unique floral arrangement that will no doubt enchant your audience.

We have very limited quantities of this piece so once they're gone, they're gone.

Dimensions: Dia 11cm (12cm incl. spout) x H 4cm

Please note these are handmade items and show marks of the maker process - you should expect to find small imperfections as well as color and size variability. We celebrate the variations that are inherent to handmade items and we hope you feel the same way too.

Care. We recommend that you hand wash after use and dry with care.

Photos 1-3 by We Are Origami Photography, styling by Sandra Chau and florals by Trille Floral.

Photos 4-5 by Sheri McMahon Photography and styling by Sandra Chau.

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