Fired in a wood kiln in the Japanese countryside, the texture and colour graduations created by the fire’s flames make this piece undeniably stunning. The colour shifts from a darker to lighter shades of brown and neutrals, with splash marks showing where the ashes fell. You can feel the warmth and glow from the kiln just looking at these, making it the perfect piece to add nice weight, texture and an organic feel to your styling.

We have very limited quantities of this piece and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Dimensions: 13cm diameter

Please note these pieces are handmade items and show marks of the maker process - you should expect to find small imperfections as well as color and size variability. We celebrate the variations that are inherent to handmade items and we hope you feel the same way too.

Care. We recommend that you hand wash after use and dry with care.

All photos by Amelia Soegijono Photography and styling by Sandra Chau.

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