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These iron plates sourced from Tokyo, Japan are a special addition to your styling kit. Used on its own or stacked with other pieces, these dark hued plates are timeless and add beautiful and unique texture and tones to your styling. No matter what product or detail you use this piece to style with you are guaranteed to make a statement.

We only have ONE available in the large size and once this one a kind piece is gone, it’s gone.

Please refrain from using these plates with food as they have been waxed to keep the hue and patina where it is. No additional waxing is necessary unless you wash it off.

SMALL - 9 cm diameter

LARGE - 20.5 cm diameter (only ONE available)

Please note these pieces are handmade items and show marks of the maker process - you should expect to find small imperfections as well as color and size variability. We celebrate the variations that are inherent to handmade items and we hope you feel the same way too.

Care. We recommend that you hand wash after use and dry with care.

All photos by We Are Origami Photography, styling by Sandra Chau and florals by Trille Floral.

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