One of the challenges in working with perishables is finding the time and the right backdrop to photograph my work. Often I won’t have a free moment to do so until I’m on site where the backdrop choices are limited. Sandra’s boards have come in handy in these situations where I want a clean shot. I’ve propped them up behind arrangements, cakes and placed buttonholes on them. They are easily transported and come in a range of beautiful tones and textures. I would highly recommend Sandra’s beautiful boards to any florist.
— Cara, Trille Floral
I’m so happy that Sandra has finally put together these amazing and very high quality textured boards. As a wedding photographer, it can always be stressful and time consuming showing up at a wedding and not being able to find a backdrop that matches with the details of their big day. Sandra’s board is the secret to perfect and consistent details at every wedding. Not only are they portable, but she creates them in so many versatile colours that you can’t go wrong. Once you have the details in place, you can crop in with your camera for the perfect backdrop.
— David, We Are Origami Photography
Sandra’s styling boards are absolutely amazing. The craftmanship and quality is outstanding. I love the fact that my styling board is a one-off design as no two boards are alike which makes my work totally unique.
— Sheri, Sheri McMahon Photography