When I first started my business, I didn’t have a huge portfolio and I knew people wouldn’t take me seriously unless I had good images that really told the story of my brand. Sandra was able to use her personal brand of magic by taking my raw ideas and creating imagery that showed my audience that I was legit and that my business was legit. I have DOUBLED BY BOOKINGS and even DOUBLED MY PRICES since my branding shoot with Sandra and MY CALENDAR IS BOOKED OUT TO LATE 2019!! I feel confident that I can command those high prices because I am worth every penny I charge. I’ve already made back my 4 figure investment in my images (and then some!).
— Michelle, MIshku Studio
My beautiful brand images after working with Sandra have allowed me to raise my prices by 30%. I have booked five times more clients and I have more bookings in the pipeline - all of which are with my ideal clients! I can now pick and choose the clients I want to take on, which has made a world of difference for my work-life balance with my family. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible!
— Sheri, Sheri McMahon Photography
My life has totally changed now that I have these amazing brand images seen through Sandra’s eyes. I used to feel bad about charging for my work and seriously thought no-one would want to pay the kind of prices that I wanted to charge because I had nothing to show for it. But working with Sandra has been a total game changer. I feel like I became professional overnight! Not only have I gone up a level and elevated my brand, I can finally charge what I’m worth instead of always under cutting myself to book clients! I have now increased my prices by 10% and I don’t feel bad about it!
— Silbia Ro
Sandra Chau is the epitome of elegance and innovation. Her attention to detail, impeccable styling and work ethic make her a leader in the industry and her brilliance shines through in each and every thoughtful touch she adds to every project she works on. As a creative director she has honed her skills of colour choice and usage, mood creation, and tonality. But, her biggest gift is her ability to dive into her clients vision and dreams and bring them each to life. Truly, a talent. I adore everything she does!
— D'Arcy Benincosa
In just 3 months of working with Sandra, I’ve gone from 80 followers to 500 genuine followers, booked 3 wedding clients with my IDEAL CLIENTS AND now have hundreds of beautiful imagery that speak for MY brand. I finally feel legit and am able to put my work out there and be proud of it. Sandra has been irreplaceable in my business and has made my brand what it is today.
— Ha, Idyll Studio
What truly makes a good stylist? It’s intuition interlaced with meticulous practice and the fearless pursuit of blending the unique with continuity. Sandra does all this with each project. I have had the honour to work with Sandra and I only wish we could collaborate more.
— Ginny Au